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How do you extrude a functional, full-sized car body without a mold? That’s what Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN (, set out to do when it developed the world’s first Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) machine in 2014. BAAM is a giant pellet-fed 3-D printer, which builds parts out of ribbons of nearly molten plastic from a conventional single screw extruder in an enormous build area of 20 feet x 7.75 feet x 6 feet. But given the size of BAAM parts, there were structural challenges in the new layered polymer technology.

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Polymer Problem Solving with FT-IR Analysis


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Thermo polymer webinar 1-23-13


Attend this webinar and learn new ways to analyze the challenging polymer samples you may encounter in your daily work.  This webinar will explore some of the common, as well as more advanced Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) analysis methods that are useful for QC control, testing, or deformulation studies required to solve difficult polymer materials problems. The applications presented in this webinar will focus on Far-infrared and Near-infrared analysis techniques, as well as coupling an FT-IR spectrometer to thermogravimetric (TGA) instruments for particularly difficult polymer deformulation studies.  Some of the topics discussed in this webinar include:


• Using Far Infrared to analyze inorganic additives
• Combine Raman with FT-IR to get more information on orientation and additives
• Classification of polymers with Near-infrared analysis
• FT-IR coupled to TGA for deformulation studies


FT-IR spectroscopy is a widely used technique for laboratory and industrial analysis throughout the polymer industry.   We will show how flexible the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™50 FT-IR spectrometer can be in developing data and analyzing polymer samples. 

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July 2015 what's ahead


TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials

Turning Off-Spec into In-Spec

TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials manufactures the highest capacity bulk sorting platforms available for the virgin plastics industry, achieving high resolution detection with high efficiency while maintaining a superior yield. Read more.

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